Share data

Share capital 1.541.140.000 DKK
Number of shares: 1.541.140.000 pcs. of 1 DKK
Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Copenhagen
Symbol: ALMB.CO
ISIN code: DK00015250344

Distribution policy

Our distribution policy is to distribute at least 80% of the profit for the year after tax to our shareholders as dividends or buybacks.

Shareholder composition

The association Alm. Brand af 1792 fmba is main shareholder with an ownership of approx. 47%. Geographic ownership, free flow.

Analyst coverage

Consensus estimates

Danske Bank A/S

Asbjørn Nicholas Mørk

Tlf.: +45 51 80 95 24


Martin Gregers Birk

Tlf.: +45 22 46 19 19

Jyske Bank

Anders Haulund Vollesen

Tlf.: +45 89 89 71 55


Mathias Bjerrum Nielsen

Tlf.: +45 55 47 13 10



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IR policy

The Investor Relations department of Alm. Brand A/S seeks to comply with applicable investor relations standards on a global scale with a view to ensuring adequate liquidity in and fair pricing of the Alm Brand share and that Alm. Brand Group is considered by the capital markets as being a reliable, accessible and professional company. Based on stringent and consistent information, we strive to support Alm. Brand’s strategic goals and reputation in that we apply best practice in all relevant areas, including by establishing strategic and proactive relations with the group’s investors and offering digital solutions and professional liaisons for all stakeholders where relevant. The purpose of Alm. Brand’s investor relations function is generally to provide information and communicate openly, honestly and in a timely fashion with shareholders, analysts and other investor relations stakeholders on matters related to the group. All investor relations activities are conducted in compliance with national and international regulatory requirements and relevant stock exchange regulations, based on standards and recommendations on corporate governance issued by relevant organizations and internal guidelines.