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Alm. Brand’s largest publicly listed competitors are Tryg, Topdanmark and Gjensidige Forsikring. Like Alm. Brand, Tryg and Topdanmark are listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen. Below, you can compare the return on Alm. Brand’s shares with that of the other insurance companies and with the OMX Copenhagen 25 Index.

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Shareholder Composition

The association Alm. Brand af 1792 fmba is main shareholder with an ownership of approx.
45 %.

Excl. Alm. Brand af 1792 Fmba

Analyst Coverage

Carnegie Bank A/S

Martin Gregers Birk

Tlf. +45 32 88 03 35
E-mail: martin.birk@carnegie.dk

Danske Bank A/S

Asbjørn Nicholas Mørk

Tlf.: +45 5180 9524
E-mail: asb@danskebank.dk


Per Grønborg

Tlf.: +45 3328 3312
E-mail: per.gronborg@seb.dk

Jyske Bank

Anders Haulund Vollesen

Tlf.: +45 8989 7155
E-mail: avo@jyskebank.dk

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